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Mary Carey on California and the HIV/AIDS Epidemic

I work as a performer in the adult industry. We get tested for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, every 30 days with the most sophisticated DNA test. There have been no outbreaks of the virus since the industry adopted this standard.

Unfortunately, there are other segments of the population who are at risk and not getting the help they need. There are steps that the state government can take to help stop the spread of the HIV epidemic. Unfortunately, our current government is not responding the way it should. This is both a human and an economic tragedy. Treating AIDS patients costs the State of California $400 million a year! We need to change this.

Here are some important issues regarding HIV/AIDS that I will address if elected governor:

* About 10% of new HIV cases are due to sharing needles. Governor Davis vetoed two bills in October 2002 (Vasconcellos: SB 1785 and 1734) that would have allowed people to buy syringes without a prescription. This leaves California as one of only six States that don't allow syringes without a prescription. About 300 people per month contract HIV as a direct result. If you count the people who are in turn infected by them, the total is even higher. This is serious. People are dying because of our governorís policies.

* The laws against prostitution make it more difficult for women to insist that their clients wear condoms. Sometimes possession of condoms can be used as evidence of prostitution. Repealing the prostitution laws would slow down the spread of HIV. In Nevada there has never been a case of HIV being transmitted in a legal brothel. In most of the world, and throughout most of history, prostitution has been legal. Thanks to the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision, if a man has sex with another man, it's perfectly OK. But if he has sex with a woman and gives her money, he's breaking the law. Does this make sense???

The current policies of our state government aren't saving any money, but they are killing people. We need to change them. Think of the children of California. They will eventually become sexually active. The more HIV positive people there are, the greater the chance one of our children will become infected. Even if you donít vote for me, please support me in this cause!

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